Thursday, November 17, 2011


SWOT analysis


  • Exotica strengths include the wide range of flowers available. A client can always find what he needs in exotica because exotica has a huge variety selected carefully in order to fit any occasion or season. Exotica has a bouquet for every occasion, its variety differentiates it from any other flower shop.
  • One of the major strengths exotica possess is its name. Its name alone attracts the client since its means artistic and unique.
  • Innovative, unique and simplicity in its advertising.
  • Exotica depend a lot on its e-commerce. Also making websites and blogs , having a personal interaction with its market.
  • Targeting the first class, Exotica also works with executives on a corporate level , which includes organizing events and landscaping.
  • It's online and phone delivery makes it easy for clients.
  • Exotica offer free shipping on all of its orders. These are positive attributes that differentiate the company from its competitors.


  • Some Weakness of Exotica may include higher prices than the competition. Because the company has a higher price point for its products, it may lead customers to look elsewhere for a better deal which would negatively impact sales.
  • Not many TV advertising thus reaching a smaller number of audiences.


  • Low priced competition – Offer an attractive product at an even more attractive price.


  • The customers are able to customize products and design flowers that they want like bouquets, vases, Baskets & hampers, and Delights; it makes exotica have more opportunity to sell products.
  • Exotica creativity and the simplicity in their advertisements catch the audience's attention this making it an opportunity.
  • The use of e-commerce and internet blogging is a more personal approach to catch an audience attention.
  • The distribution of exotica flower shops in the country. All in areas which are beneficial for its target market.
  • Having a huge variety for every occasion , season and mood gives exotica an advantage over its competitors.

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