Thursday, December 1, 2011

sample of my advertising campaign ideas

Whats my new marketing plan?

My new marketing plan is to create something unique and creative to capture the audience attention. Since the rise of Technology and the use of the blackberry, android, Iphone, computers and television aren’t our first priority and being used less. On our Phones we have applications for practically anything nowadays. Nearly half of our Lebanese population own a blackberry, android or Iphone. The dependence on technology has risen and that is something increasing on a daily basis of our lives. I want to create a new advertising campaign introducing a new service that Exotica has to offer, which is an Exotica application on Iphone, Blackberry and Android where you will be able send flowers directly from your mobile device. Just as there is the website, , also this application will have the same function. You will be able pick out flowers for different occasion and send them to the desired address directly from your phone. A payment method will be used , which is the credit card. A very simple and safe way to send flowers from Exotica that can be accessed from all over the world and sent only to Lebanon and the UAE. You can place orders directly from your application. It will be easy as pie.

And what are my objectives ?

My main objectives in this campaign is to create ease for the client as well as create something new. It will be called e-xotica. The "e" being internet related. The e-commerce symbol. Many banks and various companies are using this strategy which is E-commerce. Since Exotica already has the e-commerce feature on the internet. Why not include a Blackberry, Iphone and Android App. Where you can access it from anyplace directly from the palm of your hands. Since now Lebanon has 3G and Blackberry service which nearly everyone has. It’s the latest thing. How easy would it be if you were to just click your e-xotica application? Search for or design your own bouquet, include an address for the person you are sending to, put in you credit card information and click send. How much easier is that that actually driving to Exotica? Saves time and effort, directly from your mobile phone.

What is my Unique Selling Proposition?

USP: Faster, easier, more time and effort saving solution to flower sending. Directly from your mobile Device.

The application will be called e-xotica.

app on blackberry


app on iphone

app on android

I will have billboard ad, magazine ad, tvc, brochures