Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Exotica is Listening

After Exotica got heavily criticized for their Mother’s Day campaign both on the Lebanese blogs and on twitter (although I did find it catchy).
For good & bad exoticaPhoto from Joe’s Box
They responded yesterday by replacing the old billboards by the ones below, delivering a new message in the same context.
exotica-new2Photos taken by Maya Zankoul
They either INTENDED to create a controversy with their first billboards to get people to talk about them OR they simply got convinced through the feedback they got that what they did is not right and so they created the new billboards. In the first case they proved to be smart, while in the latter they proved to be listening to what the public is saying online! Either way, they’re doing a GOOD job!

I got a rose to decode!

February 8th, 2010 3 comments
Have you heard of Ivy? She has been blogging for 2 months now rebelling against some of the Lebanese society standards by motivating single girls to make the first move and hopefully have a good valentine this year instead of just waiting for guys to approach them!
Ivy's Mission
Ivy's Mission
In no time, Exotica felt excited about supporting Ivy’s cause, and they were ready to team up with her in organizing a Valentine related event called “Decode My Rose!” which consists of distributing roses to single girls to give to the guys they like!
Two girls from Exotica distributing Ivy's roses at Gemmayze
Two girls from Exotica distributing Ivy's roses at Gemmayze
So I decided to go with my fiancée last night to Gemmayze to check on the Decode My Rose campaign, and yes she made a move on me (as if she needed to do that!) by handing me this one.
The flower I got
The rose I got
And now I just have to decode it…
How to decode your rose
How to decode your rose

Exotica’s Different Christmas

December 11th, 2009 4 comments
Late in November I started following Exotica’s campaign for Christmas 2009 titled “My Different Christmas”, the campaign is apparently targeting internet users, because I haven’t yet seen its supporting video on any local TV station. And no we’re not used to that in Lebanon!
The idea behind the campaign is helping people to think and celebrate differently this year via a special blog by the “cool” Christmas activist “Lucie”. As you will see, Lucie is a funny grandmother posting about Christmas DIY gifts, recipes, and decoration ideas, and that’s exactly what I need in this period as I am participating in the secret Santa game at work! The blog can be found here.

The reason behind Lucie’s initiative to start the blog

I believe the purpose of the blog goes beyond just providing ideas, Exotica is actually doing a good job communicating with internet users in a way that is much different and more efficient than the classical newsletters we get on a daily basis in our mail boxes. I salute those who are behind this campaign!

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