Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Exotica and the way they responded to criticized campaign for mothers day 2009

I just Knew that this campaign was for (Valentine) and not (New resolution for 2010)

Every time Exotica bombard Lebanese with great billboards Ad for every occasion, very smart and creative campaigns , I was looking forward to that brilliant ideas on every occasion but  this year I was disappointed !! From Christmas 2009 to Mother's day Leo Burnet and Exotica are missing chances to impress the Lebanese with great and smart ideas , what shocked me the most was the first Mother's day Campaign (for the Good Or Bad) I was asking myself: "What are they trying to sell here?" a plastic surgery? So what’s the Message? It is bad to have a big nose !?!
"What are they trying to sell here?"

I tweet about that campaign and many people on twitter are offended by it . The answer from exotica was this :

“well just based on the fact it is creating controversy & difference of opinion is in itself a success to us. Thank U !”

On the other hand I was impressed by the effort Exotica and Leo burnet made, because when driving home I saw another new campaign for Mother's day to replace the first one ! That prove their professionalism and they listen to what the customer talk or want  and show him that they are listening by making the appropriate responses…

The new campaign in my opinion is not smart or creative at all but it is another very classical Ad for Mother's day....or it is here to correct the first one...
Hope the new 2010 occasions Leo bernet and Exotica will bring us some more special fresh and unique ideas!

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