Thursday, November 17, 2011

Exoticas 4p's

  • Product: Exotica offer a wide range of services including weekly floral contracts, plant supply and maintenance, events, seasonal decorations, and online flower deliveries.

  • Price: Exotica targets middle to high class. Their prices differ depending on the client's desired product. Price ranges from 20$ -1000 $ or more, this depending on what you want to purchase. Exotica also deal with corporate sales and events.

  • Place: Exotica' Geographic presence in Lebanon – Exotica Acharfieh, Exotica Zalka, Exotica Verdun, Exotica Kaslik and Exotica Louaizeh.Exotica' Geographic presence in United Arab Emirates is located in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Exotica flower shops are located in densely populated areas and places that are easy to reach. So it can be convenient for people living north, south, east or west.  Exotica can also be found on the web ( ) where one can place their orders online. The fact that exotica is convenient where ever you go makes it a plus in generating sales.

  • Promotion: Exotica rely mostly on billboard advertising and magazine advertising. Exotica have done two TV advertisements. Their constant advertising medium has been the billboard advertising. Its billboards are always positioned in the most convenient places so as to reach its desired audience. Exotica Advertises a month or two before an special holiday or celebration since exotica sells flowers , it advertises earlier so as to prepare the gift giver that they should give exotica flowers. Exotica not only advertise about holidays such as Christmas, new years, or valentines. Exotica also advertise about exotica corporate services, and exotica balcony designs. Exotica tries to reach all ages and sexes that why it concentrates on below the line online advertising. Exotica make blogs and also communicate with its clients through face book. Exoticas Audience ranges from teenagers to adults up to their 50's. Teenagers who want to impress their young love, adults who want to impress their executive clients or just simply design their homes.

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